Cucumber – Carmen F1



Cucumber Carmen F1

A very productive early maturing F1 hybrid producing cylindrical, very straight fruits, slightly ribby, dark and glossy with a short neck and around 34-40cm long with good shelf life.  Vigorous growth habit and high resistance to powdery mildew. This is a glasshouse variety and needs good warmth to get the best results.

Cultivation advice Cucumber Carmen F1

  • Sow Feb â“ Apr at a minimum temperature of 21C for germination.
  • Sow seed edgewise at 1cm deep in individual pots (temperature during germination is crucial).
  • It is better to sow later if you cannot maintain the minimum temperature early in spring.
  • Plant to the growing position when 10cm tall, avoiding disturbing the roots.
  • Male flowers can appear if the plants are stressed which should be removed.
  • Tie the plants to supports as they climb.
  • The variety crops after 10-12 weeks at the correct temperature.