Trailing Petunia Velvet F1 Salmon Shades Pellets


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Trailing Petunia Velvet F1 Salmon Shades Pellets

A stunning vigorous F1 variety bred especially for flower boxes, hanging baskets or raised containers.  The variety producers a massive cascade of Salmon Pink shaded blossoms up to 100cm in length and will bloom throughout the season.  Flowers are produced across the whole surface of the plant giving a full cascade effect superior to other varieties grown purely from cuttings.  Excellent health, exuberant growth, blossoms of medium size (5-6 cm) and fast germination make this a must have variety.

Cultivation advice Trailing Petunia Velvet F1 Salmon Shades Pellets

  • Sow from Jan onwards indoors or heated undercover at 21-27C (70-80F) on the surface of a good fine seed compost and gently firm down (do not cover).
  • Keep soil moist but not wet. Sealing in a polythene bag or covering with a piece of glass after sowing is helpful to retain moisture.
  • These need light to germinate and usually take 10-21 days. Shade from direct sunlight.
  • When large enough to handle, transplant to trays and grow on in cooler conditions with plenty of ventilation.
  • Gradually acclimatise before planting out after all risk of frost.
  • Dead head throughout the season to prolong flowering.