Tomato Dwarf Veranda RED


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  • Item: Veranda Red
  • Type: Cherry
  • Colour: Red
  • WooCategory1: Vegetables
  • WooCategory2: Tomato
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A true breeding breakthrough! ‘Veranda Red’ combines a dwarf determinate plant habit with remarkable sweet flavoured 15 gram cherry sized fruits. Ideal for growing in pots (50cm in height) and require no staking or supports if they are grown in a sheltered location.  Determinate. 



  • Sow in spring 1/16 inch deep.  Germination takes around 6-14 days at 65-75F.
  • Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into 3 inch pots.  Grow on under cooler conditions and when about 8 inches tall, either plant in their growing position in the greenhouse / place on a windowsill or gradually acclimatise them to outdoor conditions and plant out 12-18 inches apart in a warm and sunny spot in moist, fertile well drained soil and keep watered.