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Sprouting Seeds – Red Clover Organic

Sprouting Seed Red Clover Organic is an increasing popular alternative to Alfalfa producing a light sprout perfect for sandwiches or salads. Very similar in taste but they shed their seed hulls with greater ease thus making them easier to prepare.

Cultivation Advice Sprouting Seed Red Clover Organic

  • Soak seeds for the 8-12 hours in warm water.
  • Drain off the water, rinse and empty the seeds into your sprouter if you have one or any tray / container.
  • Set anywhere in low light and at room temperature (70° is optimal).
  • Rinse and drain every 12 hours for 2-5 days depending on required sprout size. When you rinse try not to disturb the seeds/sprouts. They need to stay where they are to form a mass that is unmovable.
  • When ready, transfer your sprout crop to a plastic bag or the sealed container of your choice and refrigerator.
  • The sprouts are best fresh, but will store for up to 5 days if dry.
  • All our “Organic” labelled seed is traceable from source through to dispatch, including all associated processes.