Poppy – PAEONIFLORUM – Antique Shades Mix


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A stunning annual, like a giant version of the traditional field Poppy, with attractive silver blue lush foliage, and numerous large peony silky pom-pom like double flower heads in two-toned shades of purple, pink, white, red, and deep violet as well. 

This attractive annual is easy to cultivate and perfect for adding quick and easy colour to bedding and borders.  Plus, the eye-catching petals fall away to reveal decorative seed heads, great for drying. Flowers May-Aug dependant on sowing dates. Readily self seeds each year.


  • Seeds can be sown from late summer to late April before the last frost.
  • Prefers recently disturbed soil with good drainage.
  • The species does not transplant well so scatter the seeds sparingly and cover with a very fine layer of earth (rake in).
  • Water well until germination, keeping the earth moist.
  • The young seedlings grow fast and look like baby lettuce to start with.
  • This variety does need space to grow, ideally about 30cm apart, but they will thrive on less if well watered, so thin well to at least 15cm between each plant.
  • Dead head to encourage further flowering.
  • Cut the heads once mature and hang to dry or leave to re-seed.