Pea – Hurst Greenshaft Second Early


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Pea Hurst Greenshaft Second Early

Pea Hurst Greenshaft Second Early. One the most popular varieties available, classed as a second early delivering large crops of sweet tasting peas. Awarded the RHS AGM in 1993 & 2005 the variety is upright (70-80cm tall) and vigorous making for easier harvesting and a crop over a longer period. Ideal to succession sow a month apart to extend the harvest period. First crop from around Mid Jun from a mid march sowing.

Cultivation Advice Pea Hurst Greenshaft Second Early

  • Plant where peas have not been grown for 2 seasons,
  • digging in well rotted organic matter.
  • Sow Mar – Jun 2” deep in 6” wide rows 2 inches apart.
  • The distance between the rows should equal the expected height of the variety.
  • Avoid sowing during any cold or very wet periods
  • Protect immediately from birds.
  • Keep weed free.
  • Provide support by 3 inches tall.
  • Pick regularly to maintain yields.