Parsnip Victor F1


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A high quality British bred F1 variety producing high quality long even roots of excellent flavour.  The variety is quick to mature, reliable and a good size for the table.


  • Parsnips ideally require deep, stone free soil which has been manured for a previous crop.
  • Sun or partially shade is required for the growing location.
  • Sow from Feb-Apr thinly 1/2in deep with 12in between rows.  Sowing time should be dependent on the weather to avoid particularly wet or cold spells. 
  • Germination rates are very dependent on weather conditions and can take up to 3 weeks.  If little is seen after that period re-sow immediately.
  • When large enough to handle thin to 6in between plants.  Thinning’s do not transplant well.
  • The crop requires little attention other than keeping weed free.
  • The roots are ready for harvesting when the tops begin to die down.
  • Dig as required as the roots will stand in the ground until late winter unless the soil become heavily water-logged.