Herb – Garlic Chinese Chives Organic


Herb Thyme organic is an attractive plant for the herb garden with upright stems of tiny, grey-green leaves and small pink flowers that attract bees and beneficial insects.

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Herb – Garlic Chinese Chives Organic

Herb – Garlic Chinese Chives Organic . Garlic chives also known as Chinese chives have attractive narrow, flat gray-green grass leaves to 12 inches long when allowed root space to fully mature. Its white blossoms appear in great profusion in summer and are good cut-flowers for fresh or dried arrangements.  Both leaves and flowers have a pronounced garlic flavor, although milder than bulbs, that adds zest to salads, stir-fries, rice and noodles. Perennial. Leaves freeze well.  Can be grown all year round potted on a windowsill.

Cultivation Advice Organic Garlic-Chinese Chives

Days To Germination: 10-14

Planting Depth:   1/4 inch

Spacing, Plant:  18 inches

Light:  Warm Sunny Location

  • Sow thinly in pots / trays indoors from Mar for the earliest start covering with ¼ inch of fine compost.
  • Keep soil moderately moist during germination.
  • Can be sown outdoors after all danger of frost has passed through to Sep.
  • When seedlings are about 2 inches high, thin to 12-18 inches apart.
  • Carefully replant thinned seedlings.
  • Can be harvested continuously once mature.
  • Snip leaves at the base of the plant to encourage growth.
  • Leaves can also be frozen for later use.
  • Plants can also easily be grown indoors on a windowsill during the winter months for an all year round crop.