Organic Cress Curled


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Organic Cress Curled

Organic Cress Curled. A very easy to cultivate variety, also commonly known as Garden Cress or Peppergrass. Ruffled leaves have a peppery and refreshing flavour. Commonly utilised in salad or sandwiches as baby greens. Highly nutritious and extremely easy, a firm favourite with children.

Certified Organic Seed – Soil Association organic standards and Regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and 889/2008.

Cultivation Advice Organic Cress Curled

  • Sow in trays of good seed compost, and place the tray on a warm window sill, providing a minimum temperature of 15-20C (59-68F). Can be sown on damp kitchen roll.
  • Lightly cover seeds with finely sieved compost. Sowing Time: Keep seeds moist at all times, but not waterlogged.
  • Do not exclude light as this helps germination
  • Harvest at 5cm (2in.) high.Simply cut with scissors, as required.