Carrot Maestro F1


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An excellent quality reliable Nantes type F1 hybrid with high pest and disease resistance (including Carrot Root Fly). Great flavour and uniform roots. 


RHS Award of Garden Merit


Please note carrots are not the easiest of vegetables to grow well and benefit from lighter stone free soils.


Dig or till the carrot bed deeply when the soil is on the dry side to avoid making lumps.

  • Work the soil to a fine texture 15-25cm (6-10 in.) deep to allow the carrot roots to grow long and shapely.
  • Avoid freshly-manured soil, which may produce hairy, rough roots and will cause forks and splits;
  • Sow seed thinly in rows, 1cm (1/2 in.) deep, 30-40cm (12-16 in.) between the rows as soon as the danger of hard frost has passed until late May. Try to get about 4 seeds per 2cm (1 in.).
  • Thin to 16-20 carrots per 30 cm (1ft.) for fresh eating whilst small and 6-10 carrots per 30 cm (1ft.) for mid season crops, depending on the root size you want, and keep weeded and watered.
  • Dispose of thinned seedlings to avoid attracting Carrot Fly.
  • As they grow, push soil up over any exposed roots to prevent a green shoulder.